A current owner/lessee of a Settlement Class Vehicle may download a Certificate of Eligibility to receive up to two (2) free tire rotations for that vehicle, to be performed at the tire manufacturer’s recommended tire rotation intervals by an authorized Volkswagen dealer, until the Settlement Class Vehicle reaches an original odometer mileage of 110,000 miles. In order to receive a free tire rotation, the current owner or lessee of the Settlement Class Vehicle may present to any authorized Volkswagen dealership in the United States or Puerto Rico the Certificate of Eligibility that is available for download here, or from the Claims Administrator if you contact them to request one. The Certificate of Eligibility is transferable to future owners, if any, to the extent that any of the two complimentary tire rotations have not yet been used, and the Settlement Class Vehicle has not yet reached an odometer mileage of 110,000.

Class Vehicle Information:

Please enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to claim your Certificate of Eligibility for up to two (2) free tire rotations: Help